Ciné ONU Presentation

Ciné-ONU is organized on a monthly basis. It involves the screening of a film relevant to a specific UN issue, followed by a debate with reputed speakers - either connected to the film, to the issue in question, or to both.

It is open to the public, free of charge and is one of UNRIC’s most successful outreach initiatives in Europe. The popularity of Ciné-ONU has grown over recent years and it is now a highly regarded and widely anticipated event in Brussels, Lisbon and Vienna.

Often, Ciné-ONU is organized to raise awareness of a UN Observance and the issues involved (for example Human Rights Day, World Environment Day, International Year of Youth etc...).

Moreover, it frequently offers the opportunity to participants to watch premieres of highly acclaimed, award-winning documentaries and address questions to senior UN officials and other personalities.

Past screenings

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